Families & Individuals Under 65

Plans customized to meet your needs.

DRL provides the expertise and insight needed to navigate through today’s complex and changing healthcare system. We understand the ins-and-outs of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), as well as all of the other available health insurance options.

As your knowledgeable guide, we take the time to assess your insurance needs, see if you qualify for a subsidy, and then help you compare carriers, coverage options, and costs to ensure the plan you select is right for your needs and budget — all at no cost to you. And, we can start this process now, so you know what your options are when enrollment opens on November 1.

Missed Open Enrollment? You may still be able to apply for coverage.

If you aren’t currently enrolled in a medical insurance plan, you may be eligible for an ACA-compliant major medical policy if you’ve experienced a qualifying event – a major life change like turning 26 years old, getting married, having a baby, losing other coverage, or moving. Purchasing coverage now can help minimize or eliminate a penalty.

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Dental Coverage for Individual Members

Are you looking for dental coverage? We have a choice of plans to fit your needs.

What To Expect From Doyle Rowe LTD

  • We will help you evaluate and assess your specific and unique healthcare costs and insurance needs.
  • We will help you shop multiple top-rated carriers to find the plan(s) that best fit your needs.
  • We will make certain you understand how your selected plan(s) works so that you can maximize your coverage and premium dollars.
  • Be available through the plan year to answer any questions you may have about coverage or claims.
  • Check with you periodically to make sure your current insurance plan is meeting your needs as you and your family’s needs change from time to time.