Welcome Valued IMRF Members!

Doyle Rowe LTD provides a full range of health plan counseling and administrative services to more than 442,000 active and retired members of the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund.

The IMRF Board of Trustees has endorsed several medical, dental, vision, prescription drug and long term care plans for IMRF members, their spouses, and family members.

As the administrator of the IMRF endorsed programs for over 25 years, Doyle Rowe LTD (DRL) has had the good fortune to work with many IMRF employers. Our work on behalf of IMRF member employees, individuals planning retirement and those who have already retired takes place in a variety of settings, both group and individual. This work includes presenting the IMRF programs to groups via in person or virtual seminars, sitting down one on one with soon to be retirees and their spouses, or reviewing plan options with those already retired.

What you can expect from Doyle Rowe LTD

  • Options for highly rated health plans and products from highly rated carriers who share in our commitment to the customer. Doyle Rowe LTD is continuously seeking NEW solutions that will better serve IMRF and their members.
  • Prompt, courteous service from a Doyle Rowe LTD expert who will take the time to explain our plans and supplemental products in terms you can understand.
  • Personal guidance from DRL through the enrollment process and ongoing assistance, as needed, throughout the plan year.
  • 24/7 access to our online information including the most current benefits available to you, enrollment forms and more.

There is no fee to have DRL guide you through the enrollment process.

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