Small Businesses, Groups & Associations

Enjoy group buying power

Plus, get professional advice on carriers and plan options, and a reliable resource for ongoing benefits administration. We do it all… from recommendation on a full range of highly rated health plan and supplemental insurance products, to member enrollment and benefit administration. We make it easy for associations, fraternal organizations, unions, and small businesses to get great benefits at a great price.

We let your needs determine the type of policy

Doyle Rowe LTD recommends cost-saving strategies so you can offer your members or employees an attractive benefits program and minimize out-of-pocket costs.

Voluntary insurance products for small, mid-sized and large businesses

Save your company time and money. Our solutions keep you in compliance and your employees happy, healthy, and productive. Plus, as a member in our health plan community, you’ll enjoy access to a wide array of customizable benefits.

All the benefits of a Benefits Administrator — without increasing head count

We handle the day-to-day management of your benefits program, including enrollment, customer service, billing and compliance, so you and your team can remain focused on your core business:

  • Benefit Advisory Services
  • Enrollment
  • Customer service
  • Billing and other documentation
  • Ongoing Benefits Administration and compliance
  • And more!

How it works:

First, we will evaluate and assess your company’s specific needs based on the size of your company, culture, goals and other dynamics and make recommendations that are best suited to your unique circumstances.

Once a plan is selected, we assist with the application, underwriting and implementation process, and then meet with your employees to explain how the benefits work and ensure they know how to get the most from them. We make multiple plans available from the country’s top carriers, so you get the best plan for your company’s needs.

Our proprietary educational meetings for employees have been proven effective in generating interest and enrollment activity. We offer employees one-on-one sessions with full time, well-trained, long-term care advisors. This level of service results in sound coverage decisions your personnel can afford and feel good about year after year. Throughout the year, we’ll keep you updated on new or changing regulations, industry trends and other important information. When it’s time for annual renewal, we’ll meet to review your existing plan, re-evaluate your company needs, and assist with the open enrollment process.

Let our experts give you peace of mind by finding the plan you need while eliminating the worries of government fines or gaps in coverage.

We have the following basic plans of Group Health.

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